About Us

We import quality products sourced from around the world

  • We take custom orders
  • We deliver on time
  • We connect traders to suppliers
  • We inspect goods before shipping to ensure quality


Below are some of the Products we supply:

Computer Hardware

We supply computer hardware ranging from: Laptops, monitors, Scanners/bar code equipment, cpus, keyboards , all printer types, UPSs, and also enterprise level items such as: servers,software licences and more

Packaging Materials

We import various packaging materials such as plastic cups,disposable paper cups, aluminium food containers and more

Packaged Food Items

We import a variety of packaged food items sourced from around the world

Generators and Cooling Facilities

We supply cold rooms, air conditioners and refrigerators of all sizes and types

Hotel Amenities

We supply hotels with shampoo, shower gel, towels, carpets, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses and more

Electrical Cables & Appliances

We supply high and low voltage cables i.e both for Industrial and homesteads, and also other electrical appliances such as water heaters, lights, generators, water pumps

Auto Parts

We supply a wide variety of products for cars and vans of all makes and models. We also have a highly qualified technical team to provide you free assistance. Get in touch with our staff today for a free quote

Custom Orders

We welcome custom orders and supply accordingly within the required time


Freight Forwarding

We coordinate the transportation of goods to their final destination. We have extensive knowledge of the documentation requisites, transportation, regulations, and also banking practices.


We offer a wide range of storage facilities for all commodities and ensure that they stay safe and well out of harm’s way.

Consolidation of shipment from any part of the world to Africa/uganda

if your cargo can't fill the container, we can consolidate it with other shipment, and we also ensure that the cargo is safe and reaches the destination on time.

Sea and Air Freight

We pick up your cargo from any part of the world and keep you regularly updated. You’ll be alerted once your items land and then again once your nominated individual has collected them from the airport

Door to door Service Delivery

We move cargo from your warehouse, file the necessary paperwork and deliver to the consignee’s warehouse

Clearing Services

Our team of dedicated professionals will handle all your customs paper work in the most efficient way


We offer Pre-shipment inspection to ensure that the ordered products meet your required standards before they are shipped

Connecting Traders To Suppliers

We connect you to foreign suppliers and ensure that you get the right price and quality, while making sure the supplier can be relied upon to meet high standards consistently.